Caleb Deveraux (evoking_sound) wrote in district_9,
Caleb Deveraux

Caleb's apartment - 10am

When Caleb called Eugene the next day, it was clear the boy was upset about something. It didn't take long for Caleb to ascertain that he'd argued with Joanne again. Probably about him, to make matters worse. So while Caleb hadn't intended on inviting Eugene over that morning, he couldn’t bring himself to leave Eugene stuck with his mother and feeling dismissed by Caleb on top of everything.

Caleb had such a soft spot for Eugene, it worried him.

It was Eugene's suggestion that they smoke pot. They'd been making out on the floor -- well, they'd started on the couch, but that had unnerved Caleb a touch, so he'd slipped them down so his back rested against the couch and Eugene sat aside his lap. The suggestion was random, said as Eugene sucked on Caleb's earlobe and from there Caleb learned that Eugene had never tried it. So, with Eugene's offer to foot the cost, Caleb found their groping set aside and he'd picked up the phone to call his dealer and boss -- though, Eugene didn't know about the latter part.

Joey would probably still be in denial mode -- why would the man suddenly have a change of heart? So, there was no reason for Caleb to be nervous. Joey would probably be relatively glad to hear from him.

Caleb was nervous anyway, waiting as the cell phone rang.
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