Monica (cradlingwind) wrote in district_9,

1PM: Rue 41

Monica approached the coffee shop slowly, looking through the window to see if Kasper was there. She spotted him sitting at a table, staring at nothing.

At first she had been uneasy about this meeting; unable to decide if she was still angry with Kasper or not. Eventually she'd concluded that she wasn't angry, precisely; he had been drunk, which was more of an excuse than she would have liked to admit. Kasper did not handle alcohol well.

With a sigh, she pushed open the door to the shop. She knew she would forgive him, just like she always had. She was too accustomed to his ways to ever stay angry or annoyed for long, or even really hold a grudge. Grudges were a waste of time and effort.

"Hello," Monica said, approaching the table where Kasper sat.
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