Caleb Deveraux (evoking_sound) wrote in district_9,
Caleb Deveraux

Cafe Pick Me Up, a little before 2pm

It was a blessing, Eugene knew that. His mother hadn't been home, so the visit to the condo had been uneventful. Well, aside from the sheepish grin he kept giving Hiroshi for how large the place was. He had to restrain his knee-jerk response to apologize -- he knew that would only make it worse. Instead, he just changed very quickly, grabed a few necessary papers and got them both out of there.

Mr. Harris had picked the cafe, had said it would be easy to find. Which was true. They were a touch early, so once they darted from the cab (trying not to get too wet) and were safely inside, Eugene turned towards Hiroshi and grinned. He ran his fingers through his hair -- it was damp again.

"Can I buy you a coffee?"
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Damn… Where had he gotten the idea Eugene wasn’t really well off? Hiroshi had a hard time keeping his jaw from falling open as he saw the… condo that Eugene used to live in. Of course, it was his mother’s… so Eugene’s situation wasn’t really comparable. It did make Hiroshi feel a bit silly about insisting Eugene stay in his tiny apartment. Eugene could have afforded a nice hotel.

He was much more comfortable after they’d left the condo and sprinted into Café Pick Me Up. A cute name for the little place… it looked very comfortable. He smiled and nodded at Eugene’s question, “Thanks… lots of cream, lots of sugar please.”

Eugene beamed. "Great! Grab a seat and I'll be right back!"

Having ordered, Eugene tapped his fingers on the counter and kept shifting his stance. He felt like a bundle of constant energy. So much was happening all at once -- moving out, meeting Hiroshi, looking for a place, kissing Hiroshi... When he'd changed his clothes, Eugene had seen that Caleb had continued to call though the night and into the next day. Eugene needed to make sure he got in touch with him today, let him know he was okay. Eugene wasn't mad anymore, in fact, it all seemed like a distant memory. It felt like it had happened weeks ago, and Eugene's emotional response to it reflected that. If Caleb wanted to be with this crazy drug dealer, than he should be. Eugene looked over and smiled at Hiroshi. He had more important things to worry about now.

Eugene fixed his and Hiroshi's coffees -- hoping desperately that he'd made Hiroshi's right -- and brought the tall clear glass mugs over to where he'd chosen to sit. It was a small table for two, right against the wall and with a good view of the door. Perfect. Ms. Wendy Paulice should be along any moment. Eugene set the mugs down and slipped into the seat across from Hiroshi. He propped his elbow on the table and rested his chin in the palm of his hand, grinning at Hiroshi -- Gosh, he was so pretty.

He gave a small nod towards Hiroshi's mug. "Hope it's okay."
Mmmmm perfect coffee. Hiroshi smiled and nodded at Eugene’s question. “Perfect.” He glanced around the small coffee house and decided they’d have to come back... it was very nice. That caused him to pause. ‘They’d have to come back’… He was already thinking of him and Eugene as a… pair. That was a bit disturbing. More than a bit, actually. He shouldn’t be thinking like that…

Hiroshi coughed a bit and glanced around the café again, looking for any new face. “So, when is the realtor coming?”
Eugene dragged his gaze away from Hiroshi to glance around the cafe as well. "Any moment now. I don't know what she looks like, but I doubt we'll miss her."

Like she'd just been cued, a middle-aged woman, her salt and pepper hair drawn back into a bun, stumbled through the cafe doors, struggling with an umbrella. In just a brief moment, she managed to get the spindly thing to behave and glanced up. Eugene stood and waved her over.

"Mr. Morey?" she ventured and Eugene nodded. They shook hands and then Eugene gestured to Hiroshi. "My friend is going to join us." Eugene smiled at him. "Hiroshi, this is Ms. Paulice." Eugene looked up at the realtor. "Ms. Paulice, this is my friend Hiroshi..." His eyes widened. It was the most awkward of moments to realize he didn't know Hiroshi's last name. "Uh..." He shot a panicked look at Hiroshi.
Hiroshi stood as Eugene waved a woman over to the table. It was only when she called him ‘Mr. Morey’ that Hiroshi realized he’d never found out Eugene’s last name… and that Eugene didn’t know his. “Hiroshi Yuki.” Hiroshi held his hand out for Ms. Paulice to shake. He smiled at them both. He waited for pulled up a chair for Ms. Paulice and then sat once she had.