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Joey & Caleb RP

Caleb's Apartment - 6pm

The day had been long and classes had been dull. He was seriously beginning to wonder if this whole school thing was a huge fucking waste of time. He'd signed up with the overly optimistic idea that one day he would have to do something besides sell drugs and get into fights and that education would come in handy when that day came. However now he realized that he could not fit into a school setting, he had no patience for homework and that even if he decided to get out of the life later on, his record would prevent him from getting a decent job. So basically, he was fucked.

As annoyed as he was by the day, he'd decided that dropping by Caleb's for an update was necessary. He also wanted to get the guy strapped if he was going to be running around with Lenny. The idea of giving Caleb a gun didn't please him and he was half hoping that Caleb would turn the offer down. He shook his head and knocked on the door.
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Caleb jerked awake and blinked. Squinting, he glanced at his bedside clock and then cursed. He only meant to take a damn nap! He'd been asleep for over four hours. It wasn't until the second knock that he realized what had woken him.

"I'm coming." Rolling from bed, Caleb grabbed his jeans and yanked them on, hoping on one foot until he could get both legs through. He didn't bother to button them. Stumbling forward, Caleb rubbed his hands over his still sleepy face -- he'd crashed hard. Before he'd slept, he'd tried tracking down Eugene again with no luck and half wondered if this might be him. He figured Joey would have stopped by right after class, so he probably just went home.

Barefoot and baredchested, Caleb pulled open his door and startled to see that it was Joey standing there.

"Oh, hey." He stepped aside and gestured into his apartment. "C'mon in."
Joey looked Caleb up and down before brushing past him and standing in the middle of the room. Jesus there was seriously something wrong with his brain lately. He needed to go find Angel. He crossed his arms over his and raised an eyebrow. He was going to be all business. Keep it professional. "How'd it go?"
Caleb smirked to see Joey check him out -- a nice long full body check. He didn't say anything, though and turned to face him after he'd brushed passed. Joey'd crossed his arms over his chest; he looked defensive.

Caleb shrugged to the question. "In one sense, I didn't end up with shit. Just that he's definately planning something." Then he tilted his head to one side. "On the other hand, I think I made some good progress. I think he will eventually tell me what he's up to. But, of course..." Caleb grinned and crossed his arms over his chest, mimicing Joey's stance. "...I had to slam you pretty damn bad."
Joey raised his eyebrows. "Well... slamming me..." He smirked. "Will be the least of your worries if he finds out you're snitching on him, so make sure you're all slick and shit about questioning him. He's a douche bag, but he ain't an entirely stupid one." He dropped the bag he was holding onto the coffee table and shrugged out of his wet jacket. Fucking rain.

"I doubt it'd come to you havin' to fight or anything if you play Lenny the right way, but just in case some shit happens... would you be interested in gettin' a heater?"
Logic told him that "a heater", as Joey had called it, wasn't, say, a space heater or furnace or the like. Clearly this was some slang he had no clue on.

Caleb grinned. "A heater," he echoed, really paying more attention to the way Joey's rain damp shirt clung to his chest. It reminded Caleb of seeing it bare and sweat-sheened. Reminded him of watching Joey arch underneath him, groaning deep as he came. "Yeah." His expression more serious now, he nodded. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He finished with a wink.
Joey snorted. "Why am I not surprised?" He shook his head and began wandering around the room, examining the different decoration things just so he could look at something besides Caleb. "A gun, Caleb, a gun."
Caleb's expression dropped. A gun? "Oh." Well. He supposed that made sense, considering who he was running with, what he was doing. He raised one arm and ran his fingers through his hair. He furrowed his brow. He wasn't exactly thrilled with this idea, but Joey wouldn't suggest it if he didn't think it was important -- or necessary.

Caleb shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. If you think that's a good idea. I mean..." He looked over at Joey, pausing a moment to watch him study the black and white photos on the wall. He grinned a little.

"You'll have to teach me," he finished.
Joey didn't speak for a long moment. He'd been going over this whole thing in his head since earlier in the afternoon and it hadn't seemed like a good idea then, but he'd decided to say to hell with it and see what Caleb's opinion was on the matter. On the one hand, Caleb could use it for protection in case any kind of shit popped off. But on the other, as soon as he had a gun in his hand he became a target. For cops and other thugs. And he apparently had no idea how to use the fucking thing, so he'd probably end up not doing much of anything except getting himself hurt. And that was something Joey really didn't want on his fucking conscience.

"Ah. Hmm. How do you feel about getting a knife instead? Easier to conceal, easier to use, doesnt need to be registered and shit. Not that I register my guns anyways, but that's not the point." He grinned crookedly. "I think I'd feel better 'bout that."
Caleb laughed, he dropped his arms to rest his hands at his hips and shook his head. "Whatever you say. You're the boss." He then winked at him.

Then Caleb crossed into his kitchen and pulled open the fridge door. He didn't have much -- all that money Joey had given him had gone to cover rent -- so, it was only two bottles of cheap-assed beer that he grabbed from the shelf and brought back into the living area. He held out one for Joey.

"Relax, stay a while."
Joey grabbed the beer and popped the cap before sitting down on the couch. "Good. I wasn't lookin' forward to goin' back out in that fucking rain anyway." He took a long sip and slumped down on the beat up old couch. It was good to uh be able to hang out with someone who wasn't demanding shit from him for a change. Outlaws were always wanting him to go to this club, that pier, this fight, that spot, etc. "What do you have to do in here? Music? Movies? Stuff?"
Caleb nodded as he sat down next to Joey, popping off the cap and taking a long drink. After a moment, he answered.

"All those things." He pointed to the TV and the VCR that sat atop it. "I've got a few bootlegged live concert performaces, a small collection of flicks and..." Caleb shrugged as he took another swig from the bottle. "...ah, some amature style porn." He didn't look over at Joey, trying to act like that was simply the most casual statement ever. He was really fucking going out on a limb here. Would Joey see it for the obvious ploy that it was? Would he care? Part of Caleb wondered if Joey just wanted -- needed -- an excuse to justify the weird energy between them. To act it out sober and sane implied things outside of Joey's comfort level. If so, Caleb thought he could come up with a million excuses to assuage Joey's guilt. Whatever it took, he didn't care. He just wanted to see Joey come for him again.

He nearly choked on his beer but managed not to. "Uh. what?" Well, that was an intelligent fucking reply wasn't it?

Why was he suggesting they watch porn? For one paranoid moment his mind went back to the previous night when he had seen Angel babbling at Caleb. Had she mentioned something to him that made him think that he would possibly enjoy watching gay porn? Had she mentioned the time she had found a downloaded clip of gay porn on his computer? Or had she mentioned the sleep talking? Or---

Then he realized that Caleb hadn't even said "gay" porn and stopped overanalyzing. Maybe this was just something Caleb did with people. Randomly watched porn. "Uh. Sure. As long as it uh don't have no cheesy ass music and shit."
Caleb didn't know if he should be thrilled or terrified that Joey had agreed. Sometimes he could be so fucking short-sighted, it was really amazing. It wasn't as if screwing around with Joey made everything peachy. In fact, he'd been pretty damn upset after that first time. If he were wise, he shouldn't press his luck like this.

Were such considerations going to stop him, however? Hell no.

Caleb nodded. "Yeah, nothing like that. I don't think there's even any music at all." He scrambled up from the couch and squatted down in front of the TV and VCR. He had one tape with a collection of several short, grainy, home-made porn films. No plot, no point, just fucking. And, in movie number five, one of the guys starts fucking another guy as he's fucking the woman. Sandwich'd guy didn't seem to expect it, but he didn't seem to mind either. Caleb had always thought it was one of the most fucking erotic things he'd ever seen. He wondered what Joey would make of it.

Tape set and rolling, Caleb headed back to the couch and sat back down, slouching against the back and taking another swig of his beer, as casual as if he'd just turned on a game. He didn't look over at Joey -- it was a fucking hard thing to do -- and just let things play forward. Anything can happen.
As the tape progressed, Joey became became more and more uncomfortable. It wasn't like he'd never watched porn before or something. He'd watched lots of het porn and even a few gay flicks. However, the two gay films he'd seen had been so fucking corny that he hadn't been able to take them seriously. It had involved really corny music and naked guys who still had their shoes still on. It had been easy to not take it seriously.

This on the other hand wasn't trying to have a plot, wasn't all fake like the other shit and... as weird as he thought it was, it appealed to him for some reason. Which was fuckin' weird since he had never been able to actually get turned on from het porn either. It was like how strippers didn't really turn him on, but back in high school, seeing naked dudes in the locker room did.

He shifted uncomfortably and picked up his bottle, only to realize that it was already empty. This had been a real dumb fucking idea. Here he was, gettin' all hard and shit off of watchin' gay porn. It wouldn't have been so bad if Caleb wasn't sittin' there. He slumped down in the sofa and half covered his hand with his face as he watched.

The next scene was even hotter than the previous one. Joey's eyes widened slightly and his mouth hung partially open. Now was probably a good time to... leave. Before something stupid happened. He willed himself to get up, but he couldn't even take his eyes off the screen.
He started just brushing the side of Joey's leg where his hand rested between them. Caleb supoosed the downfall of a tape mixed with both gay and het porn is that he really had no idea which was getting Joey so clearly hot and bothered -- if it even mattered. Hopefully it didn't. Caleb slouched a little more on the couch and brushed his hand down Joey's thigh in the process -- a much more deliberate, firmer touch. When he brought his hand back up, he left it to rest on Joey's thigh -- of course, the most casual gesture ever. Of course. With a deep breath, Caleb licked his lips and waited.