Joey & Caleb RP (mind_splice) wrote in district_9,
Joey & Caleb RP

Cherry 10pm

When they got to Cherry, the place was already crowded and noisy. Everything in the place was red and black, including the damn lights, which was more than a little annoying. Joey scanned the strip club quickly until he spotted the group sitting at the bar. The bar curved around the stage, so the dancers were right up in their faces. Joey made a face and looked at Caleb, gesturing for him to follow. He wondered if Caleb went to strip clubs at all, but decided not to ask. Joey went because he was expected to and pretended to enjoy the dancers, but in actuality he could really care fucking less about it and rarely got turned on unless they were all up on him during a lapdance.

He navigated his way through the tables and approached the group of Outlaws. Jimmy, Smith, Lenny, Mike and a couple of other people he didnt care about were there. And for some reason Angel was there too. He eyed her warily for a moment before shaking his head. They all greeted him and he gestured at Caleb. "This is Caleb. He's my new runner. He ain't a Outlaw, but he's mad cool." He said loudly, over the music. He turned to Caleb. "This is Lenny, Jimmy, Mike... and you already met Smith and Angel."

Angel winked at him knowingly and Smith grinned (a little too widely because he had already started drinking) at Caleb. "I remember you! You the dude who dropped off my shit!" He snickered wildly for a minute. "My neighbor said they saw you get into a little suttin suttin with them pussy ass Lost Boys outside my building. He told me one funny ass story about it too."

Joey quickly lost interest in Smith's drunken rambling and sat down at the bar, ordering a drink. There was a blonde on the stage with extremely huge breasts, grinding against a poll. He rolled his eyes and lit a cigarette. Why did they always have to meet at such retarded places?
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