fall.ing.down. (Boyd, Dylan, Kylie) (emptythesky) wrote in district_9,
fall.ing.down. (Boyd, Dylan, Kylie)

lunchtime, noonish, Neulan high

Boyd resisted the urge to sigh as Kylie stumblingly tried to explain how her morning had went. It was not that he had anything against the girl, but she certainly could learn some better speaking manners. She hardly seemed able to string a set of words together into a coherent sentence without nearly losing the structure in a sea of 'umm,' 'uh,' and such. He nodded slightly to her to encourage her babbling anyway, though honestly he was hardly paying attention. He was trying to get his homework done for two weeks in advance, and though it was not particularly necessary, he had nothing else to do. He was not certain where Eli was, and Lou had yet to arrive. Angel had disappeared somewhere, and Boyd had yet to see Max at lunch. Kylie, likely feeling alone and afraid, had thus clung to the one person she knew who was around: Boyd.

Boyd glanced up when she trailed off. Ah. That was unfair. She was not clinging. She was attempting to be friendly. He should attempt to be friendly back.


Boyd was just not used to people trying to stay around him, however. At least, not people who were not Eli, Lou, or his or their families.

"Yes, that is unfortunate," he said softly to her in response to whatever she was lamenting about. She smiled at him and said something inane back, then began eating her food and discussing the food back in the Midwest.

Boyd looked back down at his English book and sighed softly.

He wished someone else would arrive already...
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