Joey & Caleb RP (mind_splice) wrote in district_9,
Joey & Caleb RP

9am Joey's Apt

They'd come back the night before and spent a couple of hours planning out Caleb's new assignment. He had wisely kept away from alcohol of any kind to prevent any more... incidents from occuring. Which was interesting if you consider that his mind had been in the gutter all night and that he'd had more than one x-rated dream. One little incident and I'm already all fucking obsessed with it. He shook his head in disgust and continued getting dressed. It hadn't helped that once again, Caleb had fallen asleep there.

He walked over to Caleb's prone form (he'd let him have the bed) and prodded. "Hey, wake up." He prodded again. "I got a couple of classes but you can stay here for awhile if you want."
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