Caleb Deveraux (evoking_sound) wrote in district_9,
Caleb Deveraux

Lenny's place, 11:30am

Caleb looked over his shoulder, standing before Lenny's apartment door. Joey hadn't been kidding when he said this end of town was even scarier than where he lived. This hallway alone looked like a scene taken from a post-apocalyptic flick. The desolation of Hell on Earth, survivers coping under the most horrific circumstances, that sort of thing -- like, this was the only apartment complex left, God help them all.

Caleb shivered and knocked again. In response, he heard some rustling about from the inside and figured Lenny was hiding shit before he opened the door. Caleb scoffed at that. It wasn't as if Lenny hadn't been expecting him, and he was a little later than he planned to be as it was. After getting distracted in the shower (he got the mental image of Joey naked in the same shower) and trying his damnedest to track down Eugene (still to no avail -- he was starting to get really worried), Caleb had left probably 45 minutes behind schedule. Lenny still wasn't prepared for him, it seemed.

When the door finally opened, Caleb glanced inside and wasn't sure what was beyond the door was any safer or cleaner than the post-apocalyptic hallway. He looked up at Lenny and managed a grin.

"Hey, man."
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Lenny stared at him blankly for a moment before opening the door wider for him to come in. Joey's little errand boy. He'd almost forgotten he was coming over here. But that was because he'd already smoked two blunts. "what you got for me?"
Caleb shrugged as he passed by Lenny, trying not to wince at the condition at the place. He was supposed to get on this guy's good side, not alienate him. He was supposed to bad mouth Joey too. Considering he'd gotten off twice that morning just thinking about Joey, he found the prospect rather daunting. But, he'd agreed to it so, here went nothing...

"Not jack, if you ask me." Caleb turned and looked at Lenny, raising one brow and giving him a wicked grin. "Delivering weed is a waste of my time. I think that fucker is just punishing me for hitting on Angel. So..." He lifted the bag and then dropped it on Lenny's coffee table. "I get this shit job."
Lenny stared at the guy in surprise for a minute before laughing loudly. He picked up the bag and looked through it before tossing it back on the cluttered table. "Can't blame you for that shit. Angel's a hot piece of ass. I been tryin' to get in that bitch for almost a year now," He replied with a snort and went to his tiny kitchen. He flicked on the light and roaches went scattering in fifty directions. "That motherfucker needs to learn how to share his toys, son. Bros before hos. How much he paying you for this shit anyway?"
Caleb winced when he saw the roaches scatter. Fuck, that was messed up. Catching up with what Lenny was saying, Caleb made a dismissive sound and rolled his eyes.

"Hell if I know. That cheap-ass fucker gives me this load about a monthly cut of a percent of what he takes in. If I didn't need the money so bad, I'd tell him where he could shove his fucking percents." Caleb laughed -- good god, he was out of his mind trying to come up with shit to say about Joey. "I'm the one doing all the leg work."
Lenny raised an eyebrow. "A PERCENTAGE? Shiiit, son, most niggas out here be getting like 40 bucks a run until they start sellin'. I'm surprised that cocksucker is bein' so generous and shit." He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and offered Caleb a beer.
Caleb had to work hard and school his features to not registar the shock he felt at that moment. Fourty dollars. FOURTY DOLLARS!? Caleb took the beer, his mind still spinning like mad. What the fuck was going on that Joey had paid him three hundred!? He shrugged, trying to keep his cover. That bomb had almost blown it.

"It's not as much as you might think. Fucker won't even tell me what the percent is -- it's all based on his damn whim." Caleb shook his head and then took a swig of the beer. "Jimmy? He even invited me to become an Outlaw and Joey totally shot it down. Because I work for him, he thinks he owns my ass or some shit."

Caleb had to quickly take another swig to cover the grin that curled across his lips. The idea of Joey owning his ass didn't bother him at all. Oh no, not at all.
Lenny nodded in agreement as he took a long drink. "I told you, son. That nigga don't know how to share NOTHING. Selfish motherfucker. I can give him props for being a real stone cold motherfucker when he need to, though. I DO give him that. He was fuckin' pullin' triggers before he was old enough to fuck a girl properly." He swirled his beer in his bottle and stared into space. "But any love I had for him got deaded. I got respect for his skills, but thats about it." He smirked to himself. "I got other shit in mind anyway."
Caleb sobered. He hadn't considered how long Joey might have been a part of this life. The idea of pre-teen Joey waving a gun around made Caleb want to frown, but, of course, doing so might break his cover. He hid behind another swig of beer and considered what Lenny had said. Might there be a lead in there somewhere?

"What made you lose the brotherly love, eh?" He took another swig, trying to behave like the question was nothing more than empty small talk.

Lenny scoffed and pulled a nickle bag and a Dutch out of his pocket. "We used to be mad tight but after he started headin' the set, he was actin' mad shady. Bossin' niggas around and shit like we was never down." He cut the Dutch open and emptied the tobacco out.

"This one time though--I'm surprised you ain't never heard this story, to tell you the truth, anyways this one time there was a mix up with some paper and he had me brought down AND 'disciplined'." He shook his head in disgust and licked the paper before spreading the weed out onto it. "Anyways, it don't matter cuz I don't plan on takin' his shit for long."
In all honesty, most of what Lenny had just said meant /nothing/ to Caleb. He may have been listening to a forgien language for all the difference it made. He simply watched as Lenny rolled himself a joint and nodded along like everything made perfect sense. The last statement, though, put him on edge. He knew he was getting closer to the jackpot kind of info Joey was hoping for, but a part of him rather feared what he might find out. How deep were they talking when a guy like Lenny says he's not taking someone's shit for much longer?

Keeping with the game, Caleb took a swing and then chuckled. "Can I get in on that? I wouldn't mind seeing Joey put in his place, the fucker." He sneered for effect. "You just talking bullshit or you have some actual plans in mind?"
Lenny lit the blunt and took a long, deep pull. He stared at Caleb consideringly through the cloud of smoke and smirked. "Ain't no bullshit over here, son. I definitley got a little suttin in mind," He said cryptically. He took another pull and nodded. "I'll tell you later some time."

..after you prove you aint no snitch.
Caleb didn't miss the implication -- he hadn't proven himself enough to get the info now. Fuck, he thought he was so close. He just took another swig and shrugged. "That's cool. I've gotta run anyway, so now isn't probably a great time for the gory details, you know?" He smirked and set down the now empty bottle. "I'm sure I'll catch you around." Because they were for damn sure going to finish this converstation. With a nod, Caleb saw himself out and headed back towards the subway.

He considered heading for campus and seeking out Joey, but the fucking beer on an empty stomach was making him tired. Isn't wasn't as if Joey was expecting him at a certain time or anything. Yeah, Caleb decided instead to bee-line for his apartment and crash. He'd find Joey soon enough for what little info he had for him anyway.