Caleb Deveraux (evoking_sound) wrote in district_9,
Caleb Deveraux

Lenny's place, 11:30am

Caleb looked over his shoulder, standing before Lenny's apartment door. Joey hadn't been kidding when he said this end of town was even scarier than where he lived. This hallway alone looked like a scene taken from a post-apocalyptic flick. The desolation of Hell on Earth, survivers coping under the most horrific circumstances, that sort of thing -- like, this was the only apartment complex left, God help them all.

Caleb shivered and knocked again. In response, he heard some rustling about from the inside and figured Lenny was hiding shit before he opened the door. Caleb scoffed at that. It wasn't as if Lenny hadn't been expecting him, and he was a little later than he planned to be as it was. After getting distracted in the shower (he got the mental image of Joey naked in the same shower) and trying his damnedest to track down Eugene (still to no avail -- he was starting to get really worried), Caleb had left probably 45 minutes behind schedule. Lenny still wasn't prepared for him, it seemed.

When the door finally opened, Caleb glanced inside and wasn't sure what was beyond the door was any safer or cleaner than the post-apocalyptic hallway. He looked up at Lenny and managed a grin.

"Hey, man."
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