smileactivated (smileactivated) wrote in district_9,

Cafe Pick Me Up :: 2 p.m.

Reece hunched his shoulders and ducked in the door, swearing under his breath. He vaguely remembered breaking his umbrella by being brilliant and trying to pry open one of the windows in his apartment with it. It'd broken, predictably, and genius that he was, he still hadn't bought a replacement.

"Not-so-mental note to self," he said, discreetly wringing his hair out to the side, "unidentifiable crust-thing on window is invincible."

He stretched a little and brightened when he caught sight of the coffee. Caffeine would be just the thing to put the pep back in his step.

Step up the pep in my step? Reece snickered a little at his dorkiness.

He ordered a large coffee and, several pounds of sugar packets in hand, sat down at a comfortable little table in the back. There was graffiti on the tabletop and he squinted at it, then frowned at his hand.

Smurf blue, Reece thought with some amusement. He wiped his hands on his jeans and raised his eyebrows as he set about dumping an entire landfill's worth of sugar in his coffee. He hoped that the dye hadn't bled all over his face. On the other hand, if it had, then maybe he'd look like he was one of the undead or something. And maybe that'd be kind of cool.
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