Caleb Deveraux (evoking_sound) wrote in district_9,
Caleb Deveraux

Barber & Copland St., 4pm

The last two hours had been two of the most uncomfortable and overwhelming in Eugene's life. It might not have been so bad if Eugene had paid attention to what Ms. Paulice was saying and not continually fretting over what Hiroshi might be thinking.

At the first place Ms. Paulice had taken them, she had turned to them, beaming, and announced that it would be perfect for a young couple. Red faced and stumbling over the words, Eugene had explained that things weren't exactly as she'd assumed. She had been very embarrassed herself and apologized profusely. Eugene couldn't bring himself to look at Hiroshi just then, too afraid to see what horrible thing Hiroshi's expression might tell him. Had he been appalled? Amused, disgusted?

For the brief moment before he spoke up and explained, Eugene had liked hearing the assumption. It had felt right.

Since then, Eugene felt increasingly uncomfortable with the pricey-ness of the places being shown. Three-story townhouses, converted lofts, all in the most upscale of neighborhoods. They all felt wrong. They reminded Eugene too much of something his mother would choose.

This last place they were seeing -- another converted loft -- seemed just as pretentious and needless as all the rest. Eugene felt bad. He'd pretty much wasted everyone's time today. Well, Ms. Paulice would still be paid for her time, regardless. However, Hiroshi...

As Ms. Paulice continued on about the rosewood inlay floor, Eugene gravitated to where Hiroshi stood. He shrugged and flashed him a sheepish grin.

"I'm sorry. I guess I really wasted your day off, eh?" After avoiding it for the last couple of hours, Eugene looked up and met Hiroshi's gaze, grinning to see his lovely dark eyes. God, he just wanted to kiss him again.
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This apartment looked nice. Well, they all looked nice. He would be happy to live in any one of them. Eugene must have some savings… He turned when he noticed Eugene approach.

"I'm sorry. I guess I really wasted your day off, eh?"

“Huh?” He blinked. He shook his head. “Not at all.” He grinned and shrugged. “If I hadn’t come with you, I would have just lain around all day and done nothing. So really, you saved me from a day of infinite boredom.” He gestured to the apartment. “So, what do you think? Anything strike your fancy?”
Eugene grinned. He was so relieved to see that Hiroshi didn't feel put out with the day and, in fact, seemed pretty okay with how it had gone. He looked around the room when Hiroshi gestured and shrugged in response.

"Not really. It all just seems...." He looked back at Hiroshi, hesitating for a moment. "...not me," he finished. He shrugged again. "Truth is, I guess I don't know what "me" is anyway, at least..." He looked up at the ceiling. " far as a living space is concerned."

He heaved a sigh and crossed to the large windows that lined one wall. He'd thought this would be some liberating experience. It wasn't. It felt just as confining as living with his mother had been. The only liberating experience he knew was being with Hiroshi.

Eugene turned and smiled at him. "I'm not going to find anything today. Why don't we just say our goodbyes to Ms. Paulice and get some lunch?"
Hiroshi shrugged. “That is fine with me, Eugene. There is no need to rush these things. You know you can stay with me as long as you need to.” As soon as he said it, he realized just how… that sounded. ‘Just call me dirty old man.’
No one could have wiped the stupid grin from Eugene's face. He blushed knowing how eager he must look, but that still couldn't keep him from beaming.

"Thats--that's great, thank you." He nodded, smiling still at Hiroshi when he heard Ms. Paulice clear her throat.

"I guess you're probably not interested in this one either." Her smile was warm -- she seemed amused. Eugene nodded.

"Yeah, I guess I'm not really ready for this. I got all caught up in Mr. Harris' talk of buying being such a good investment blah blah blah." He laughed and then shook his head. "I think I need to go simplier."

Ms. Paulice nodded. "Understandable, Mr. Morey, understandable." She glanced around the place and sighed before looking back at both Hiroshi and Eugene. "Well, I guess I'll just see you boys out and wish you a lovely afternoon then." She gestured for them to proceed her.

Eugene watched Ms. Paulice drive away before turning back to Hiroshi, grinning. "Would it be silly to ask you to Origami's?"

“Hmmm well, I’ve never actually been there. It could be fun… or we could just pick up some things and I could make us an authentic Japanese meal. It is cheaper… and actually Japanese, not like that stuff you get in restaurants.” He shrugged. “Or we could go out. I’m flexible.” He stopped again. Damn unintended innuendo.
Eugene smiled. "I think I would /love/ to have a truly authentic Japanese meal with you, Hiroshi." Eugene shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels a little. He was trying desperately not to behave like a giddy schoolboy -- however, that's how he felt. The idea of going back to Hiroshi's for a meal sounded perfect. Well, it sounded --

"I think that would be really....special." Eugene beamed again and though he stepped to the curb to flag down a cab, his gaze was still on Hiroshi.
“All right then.” Hiroshi told the cabbie to take them to Mitsuwa, and then spent the ride planning on what he would make. It had been quite a long time since he’d bothered to actually make a completely authentic Japanese meal, and really, depending on what Mitsuwa had to offer, he might have to fudge it a bit.

Luckily, there were plenty of things to choose from, and he left the store feeling confident he could make a thoroughly satisfying meal. He bought enough to make tempura, misoshiru, and plenty of rice tonight. Not to mention a few things for some other meal. He ignored the fact he was already planning to cook other things for Eugene.

He unlocked his door and ushered Eugene inside. He’d laden the guy down with groceries… of course, since he was the one who would be cooking; it was only fair Eugene carry the bags.