Joey & Caleb RP (mind_splice) wrote in district_9,
Joey & Caleb RP

Caleb's Apartment - 6pm

The day had been long and classes had been dull. He was seriously beginning to wonder if this whole school thing was a huge fucking waste of time. He'd signed up with the overly optimistic idea that one day he would have to do something besides sell drugs and get into fights and that education would come in handy when that day came. However now he realized that he could not fit into a school setting, he had no patience for homework and that even if he decided to get out of the life later on, his record would prevent him from getting a decent job. So basically, he was fucked.

As annoyed as he was by the day, he'd decided that dropping by Caleb's for an update was necessary. He also wanted to get the guy strapped if he was going to be running around with Lenny. The idea of giving Caleb a gun didn't please him and he was half hoping that Caleb would turn the offer down. He shook his head and knocked on the door.
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