Syd Wesker (voicelikegrit) wrote in district_9,
Syd Wesker

Syd's apartment. 4:00 PM

Syd sat on the couch and idly flipped through the stations. There was bugger all on, and he was terribly bored. Hell, he’d even done all his homework. He was bored and there was no one to bother… Landon was away doing his band thing. Syd tried desperately to repress the stab of jealousy. He just had to remember that he’d had his chance.

Of course none of this relieved his boredom. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. It was times like this that he really missed his mates. He glanced at the phone… would calling Jez be too…weird? Hell, he was probably working. He picked up the phone and listened to the dial tone for a minute before he dialed.
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Deleted comment

“Ah!” He hadn’t actually expected Jez to answer, so he was caught off guard. “Errr, hi, Jez.” He paused, and then realized that maybe Jez wouldn’t recognize his voice... or maybe not even remember him at all. “It’s Syd… ummm errrr hi.”

Deleted comment

“Yeah. I’m fine.” He coughed and got a hold of himself. “Sorry about that, I didn’t actually expect you to answer.” Syd relaxed. “Sorry for being a complete prat. How are you?”

Deleted comment

“That is just it, nothing is going on.” He whined… but just a little. “I’m absolutely bored out of me skull.” He grinned. “Thought I’d leave an obscene message on your machine or voice mail or whatever, but now that plan is out… all my careful planning foiled.” He sighed dramatically. “I suppose the only way you can make it up to me is if you agree to meet and spend time with me.”

Deleted comment

“Sounds bloody fantastic.” Syd reclined in the couch and gave Jez directions to his apartment. They said their goodbyes and Syd hung up, feeling quite a bit more optimistic about the day. He glanced around the apartment and decided that since no pairs of boxer shorts were visible, the place did not need a picking up. Syd walked over to the window and looked outside. It was really coming down… nothing he’d like to go out in. So, perhaps they’d just stay in. He had plenty here to amuse Jez for a few hours at least.