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District 9 - Neulan City

District 9 - Original Slash RPG
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Set in District 9 of Neulan City, a mostly gay community in an urban city with everything from gangs to musical prodigies, the RPG focuses on the local high school and college.

This is an original SLASH RPG. New players/characters are welcome. To have your character accepted into the community, please send an application for your character to the e-mail address listed above.

Players are encouraged to make characters with as complete of backgrounds as possible, because much of the storyline revolves around them.

Once you are approved, feel free to join the Yahoo! ML for OOC discussions, questions and news.

Character Application
RPG Info


  • To participate, you do NOT need a brand new LJ, you can use your own personal journal. However, if you choose not to make a new journal, you still need an icon with a picture of your character

  • The picture of your character should be a REAL person, not an anime or cartoon character or a drawing (unless it is a realistic drawing). You can use a model, friend or movie star. Doesn't matter. (we sometimes use models.com)
  • All posts are done in third person narration form. There is no ::Bob picks up cup::. All posts should be written as followed:

    Betty was sad. (insert inner angsty thoughts and emotions) She looked at Sara. "Why don't you like me?"

    Then Sara can reply and they can continue in the comments section like that.

    (ignore the fact that that was a terrible example)

  • NO OT posting on the community. Please use the ML for that.

  • All posts and threads go in the community, not individual character journals

  • Posts do NOT need to be in a cut tag. However all sex scenes should be in a lj cut tag and labeled as such

  • Please spell check and edit posts. Don't post things like: "Betty was all "omg u r so sexy Sara"

  • When using someone else's character for a storyline, consult them first

  • If you want to make up a club or place that isn't on the list, tell us so we can add it

  • -SONNY & AIS